This section of my site will be dedicated to projects that either are intended to see a life on this site or some other future endeavor. I have ideas from time to time that I would like to see the light of day or sometimes just to prove that I can do something. Some of these ideas include a recipe book, a comments section, or a blog that I program entirely with home-grown code.

Some of these projects will require a login, not because they are just THAT cool, but because i want to know who is using them and keep the spam down from the bots that love to mess with folks' sites.

Please check back often and check the left hand navigation menu for anything that has been added. If you are interested in creating a login for future use, please fill out the form below. If you'd like to email me with suggestions on what you'd like to see, questions about me or my site, or just send me an email because you're GENUINELY bored, go here.



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